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Learn about the Southern California Surveyors Joint Apprenticeship Committee. Set your sights on a rewarding profession with surveyor training and education from Southern California Surveyors Joint Apprenticeship Committee in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We are a training trust in the heart of the Southern California, Inland Empire, offering surveying industry-related apprenticeship programs.Channeling our more than 65 years of experience into our coursework, we focus our efforts on individuals who are seeking a new path or direction for their lives. We employ the latest, most advanced technology and training to show individuals that they could have a career instead of just a job. As an added benefit, our participants are eligible to receive college credit while they are being paid by the industry to learn our trade.

Career-Building Surveyor Training & Education in Southern California

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Our Programs
Start your journey to becoming a surveyor with our informative coursework. We provide the extensive surveying apprenticeship instruction necessary to become a chainman or party chief.

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Course Summaries
Southern California Surveyors Joint Apprenticeship Committee provides the instruction required to advance in your apprenticeship. Our course summaries outline each step of your education.

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Program Qualifications
To enter into apprenticeship and our training programs, an applicant must meet a number of requirements. View our program qualifications to better understand the process.

The Southern California Surveyors Joint Apprenticeship Committee is temporarily closed to new applicants.    There is no date set for reopening the program at this time.  Further information will be listed here when it becomes available.

Contact us for surveyor training and education, and discover a fulfilling vocation.